About Us
RAWIMOT company was founded by Eugeniusz Winiarski in 1989 in Raciszyn.

The main aim of the company is a mass production of grey iron castings class 15, 20, 25 in weight from ½ to 50 kilos. RAWIMOT is well known for it’s experience in the production of castings for various sectors of the economy including automotive, construction, engineering and sport industry.

In connection with the company’s expansion at the beginning of 2014, the new foundry in Zalesiaki-Pieńki was founded. We have focused there on the latest technologies and the increase of the production.

High quality, qualified staff, a wide range of castings, also for individual customers and competitive prices are the major advantages appreciated by our customers.

Eugeniusz WiniarskiDirector
Founder and owner of the company.

  • Manufacturing Process Management.
  • Implementation of new technologies.
  • Organizing a teamwork.

Marta WiniarskaOperations Manager

  • Planning a long-term strategy.
  • Managing interactions with current and future customers.
  • Administrative management of the company.